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Jan 30th

Are You Considering Getting a Dealer License?

If you’re passionate about cars and have ever considered starting your own business in the automotive industry, getting a dealer license might be the perfect opportunity for you. A dealer license allows you to buy and sell vehicles legally, providing you with a range of benefits and opportunities in the industry. In this article, we will explore the advantages of getting a dealer license and guide you through the process of obtaining one.

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Advantages of Having a Dealer License

1. Access to Wholesale Prices: One of the significant benefits of having a dealer license is the ability to purchase vehicles at wholesale prices. This allows you to build your inventory at a lower cost, increasing your profit margins when you sell the vehicles.

2. Expanded Inventory Options: With a dealer license, you have access to dealer-only auctions, where you can find a wide variety of vehicles to add to your inventory. This gives you the opportunity to offer your customers a diverse selection of cars that cater to different preferences and budgets.

3. Ability to Sell Vehicles for Profit: Having a dealer license allows you to sell vehicles for a profit, whether you decide to open a car dealership or operate as a wholesaler. This provides you with a sustainable income stream and the potential for growth and expansion in the automotive industry.

4. Opportunity for Part-Time or Full-Time Business: Obtaining a dealer license gives you the flexibility to choose how much time and effort you want to dedicate to your car business. It can be a part-time venture, allowing you to explore your passion for cars while maintaining your current job, or a full-time business venture for those who want to dive into the automotive industry wholeheartedly.

Obtaining a Dealer License

1. Research Your State’s Requirements: The process of obtaining a dealer license varies from state to state. Start by researching the specific requirements and regulations in your state. Each state has different criteria regarding the location, insurance, bonding, and zoning requirements for obtaining a dealer license.

2. Complete the Application: Once you have familiarized yourself with your state’s requirements, complete the dealer license application provided by your local department of motor vehicles (DMV) or motor vehicle commission (MVC). Make sure to provide accurate and complete information to expedite the application process.

3. Obtain Insurance and Bonding: Most states require dealers to have liability insurance and a surety bond. Research the insurance and bonding options available in your area and select a reputable provider that meets the necessary requirements.

4. Choose a Location: Your state may have specific location requirements for a car dealership, such as a display lot or a designated business address. Ensure that your chosen location complies with these regulations before applying for the license.

5. Attend Dealer Training Programs: Some states require individuals to attend dealer training programs before granting a dealer license. These programs provide valuable insights into the legal and ethical aspects of running a car dealership.

6. Pay the Fees: There are fees associated with obtaining a dealer license, including application fees, licensing fees, and any required training program fees. Make sure to budget for these expenses and submit the payments along with your application.


Getting a dealer license can open doors to a world of opportunities in the automotive industry. Whether you aspire to own a car dealership or operate as a wholesaler, a dealer license provides you with access to wholesale prices, a diverse inventory, and the potential for a profitable business. Remember to thoroughly research the requirements in your state and follow the application process diligently. With dedication and hard work, your dealer license can be the key to your success in the automotive world!

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